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She is a Wiccan, a feminist, a dog lover, an Anglophile. A few other favorite things include: Once Upon a Time, Anyelle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (Classic and New) Jossverse, Hustle, Disney, Jane Austen, Aaron Sorkin, and too many shows to name.
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I'm so glad you're enjoying Leverage. It's one of my very favorite things. It was my happy fun show for years.

Happy fun show was exactly what i wanted and this is perfect.

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Shoutouts to all the bisexual people whose parents are secretly hoping they’ll settle down in a heterosexual relationship and get married and have biological children.

shoutout to the pan people who have no idea how to even come out to their parents

Shoutout to all the asexual people with parents that think they’re just not ready for sex yet.

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I weigh the most I have ever weighed. The last time I weighed this much, I swore I would never weigh this much again. I feel so angry with myself, and so disappointed. I am not healthy at all. And while I would only need to lose about 15-20 pounds to be in better shape, it feels like a mountain.


*hugs you*

I know that can feel like an impossible goal.  Maybe instead of focusing on weight you can look at it differently?  Keep a chart of 5 fruits and vegetables and focus on getting those each day.  And maybe set aside 20 minutes a day to walk around the neighborhood.  Little goals, and not weight focused but health focused.  And drink water.

I know with my depression even a day can seem daunting, but it helps when I break it down and make manageable goals.  Sometimes literally it’s things like ‘must leave the house once during the day’ and ‘drink a cup of tea.’


Looks like somebody’s learning magic in good company !

(pose was inspired from a Tangled concept sketch)

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That movie is adorable! The family relationships are so nice to watch, aren’t they?

I’m not too far into it but I like it so far.

But I’m worried about Margaret.  Why does it take $3000 a month for her medicine?  My baby.

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Christian Kane knows how to hold a knife the right way!

I get so annoyed when people on TV shows don’t hold knives right and not only does CK do it right but he did ‘how to cut food vs how to stab people.’

I’m in love.

He was a stunt man for many years. Honestly Christian Kane does everything right - have you heard him sing!? Heavenly.

i first discovered him on Angel, and loved him there.  So I knew him through that, including his singing on the show and other songs.

He’s very pretty.  More pretty than I’m usually drawn to (Jamie and Seb being exceptions) but this role gives him a nice roughness to balance that out.

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I am going to take a break from Leverage to watch Scents and Sensibility.  It’s a modern day adaptation.  not sure if it’s worth anything but I’m in a S&S mood for some reason.

If anyone wanted to ask questions about my new S&S verse have at it.