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I don’t care for Moffat.  But I hate RTD and what Ten became by the end, so by comparison Eleven was so much better for me.

I don’t want to know Moffat in real life and I an fucking angry over Sherlock, but my low bar is Ten in the final season and Love & Monsters.  I was close to leaving the show because of RTD.  he made me come pretty close to hating Ten, Rose, and the show in general.

Even now I have Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler blacklisted, though I loved Rose hard first season.

Big Boss’s Bad Jokes 1


I’m gonna post all the bad Jokes the Sheriff Clerk sends me so I remember them always because wow so bad. I keep meaning to do this earlier but I always forget so here’s the ones he sent me today. 

We went to see Liverpool at Anfield recently, and it lived up to all our expectations, 
my car was stolen. 

My mate was a victim of his own success, 
his trophy cabinet collapsed on him. 

Common sense is like deodorant, 
the people who need it most rarely have it. 

My friend told me he threw a stick 5 miles and his dog found it and brought it back! 
Sound a bit farfetched?

I took a degree in ballet, 
and got a 2:2 

I once bought a Bonnie Tyler Satnav, but it was crap, 
it kept telling me to turn around, and every now and then it falls apart. 

Kim Jong’s dead?, I didn’t even know he was Il.

Reblogging because the Bonnie Tyler one cracks me up.

I don’t get the ballet one.

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I was wondering if you could explain why you don't like the term slash? I never heard of it until I got into fanfiction and I never really understood how it became a term to describe same sex male pairings but then I heard of femslash and I thought those were the terms somehow. What's wrong with them?



Certainly, darling.

So slash became a term back in the sixties, when fanfic was in zines and you ordered them.  And to make it clear they were marked slash if they had m/m sex, because usually that’s specifically what you wanted or you didn’t want it at all.  Star Trek and Man From U.N.C.L.E are good examples, and Kirk/Spock (read as Kirk slash Spock) is quite possible where the term came from.

Now this is a point in history where gay fiction was really hard to find.  It had only been around for a decade or so, and in 1965 there were all of 30 titles of gay fiction published.  So having slash fanfic was a huge thing.

Eventually ‘femslash’ became a term for f/f relationships.

Now back in the 60s and 70s, and even up to the early days of the internet slash was a necessary thing.  Mainsteam fic is pretty exclusively m/f and there needs to be an easy way of finding m/m and f/f pairings.  Separating them out is a good thing.

However, with the system we have for fic we have now it’s easy to find anything you want and labeling something slash separates it in a way that i see as negative, not positive.  You have ‘fic’ and ‘slash fic’  Isn’t it all fic?  Don’t we all mostly look for a pairing?  Like you’re not looking for ‘slash’ you want specifically Gold/Graham.

But the biggest thing for me is now it’s used as queer fic.  Like there was a SQ thing recently about “slash ships matter.”  And what’s a slash ship?  M/M and F/F.  What about bisexuals in a relationship with another gender?  What about asexuals?  What about Trans?  What about poly relationships?  If we’re calling m/f ‘fic’ and m/m ‘slash’ and f/f ‘femslash’ then where do bisexual, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, trans, queer, etc people fit?

We need queer ships.  We need fics about asexuals in romantic relationships.  We need fics about genderfluid people in a relationship.  We need fics about someone who is bisexual no matter what gender they’re sleeping with.

Queer ships matter.  It’s inclusive, while ‘slash’ is exclusive.

My thoughts




Bobby has a new bracelet.  Wonder if one of his kids made it?

I got one of these last week from a student.  They’re all the rage.

It’s possible. My six year old cousin made one for my brother. :)

I made one and it took me forever to make it. This shit is hard I don’t know how a 10 year old can do it !

So far this summer I’ve had an 8 year old make me a bracelet and a 7 year old made me a strawberry.  Apparently you can make things other than bracelets?

I’m sort of tempted to get a loom.

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For some reason I’m hemorrhaging followers right now.  A few things I want you to know:

1 - if I need to tag things for blacklisting let me know.

2 - I want you to have the dash you want, so I totally understand unfollows.

3 - If anyone wants me to unfollow them please let me know.  I I follow you I may comment on your posts, and if you don’t want that let me know.

4 - My ask box is always open to anon if you need to tell me anything.

5 - Just because you don’t follow me you can still talk to me anytime.

6 - Have a lovely day.

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(i tried to send this earlier, but i think tumblr ate my ask, so forgive me if you got a similar message earlier!) i just want to say i really appreciate your side of the consent argument. a lot of the arguments are based on technicalities that vary (neal's unknown age, consent laws from state to state, emma's age given that the writers don't know the timeline) or matters of subjectivity (how old the actors look-- personally, i think they gave as many visual cues for MRJ as they did Jen) (cont.)


rather than talking about how the relationship was presented and how they’re both characterized in terms of maturity. and given that everything else has so many variables, i think that’s all we have to go on. this is so rambling, i’m sorry, but i just wanted to say thank you for the rational discussion of how the emma/neal relationship was actually presented in terms of consent.


I didn’t get it, darling.  Glad you sent it again.

I love Neal as a character.  I don’t ship him and Emma, though I understand people who do.  I really wanted them to be more friends and coparents.  

But Neal is just as much of a lost boy as Emma is a lost girl.  More so, in many ways, because Neal was on his own for more than a century.  He’s gone who knows how many years without anyone caring about him.  All we know is that he was sold out to the Lost boy, must have escaped Pan at some point, and lived in a cave until he figured out how to use the shadow.  Considering that the went from Edwardian England to the US in the nineties we’re looking at about a hundred years.  and we saw how being raised by Malcolm affect Rum, and how a few days with Pan affected Henry.  Neal was on the island for decades.

Him being painted as this manipulative adult who slept with a child is ooc and a disservice to both Emma and Neal.

For the first time in a century he had someone who loved him, and he gave it up because Kindling August convinced him that the only way Emma could find her parents (the ones she thinks abandoned her but really love her) and save thousands of people is to leave her.

Emma and Neal aren’t portrayed as being different in ages.  They’re portrayed as being very similar in situation and age.  They’re also shown as being in love.

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Since the idea of Sebastian Stan as Illya came to my head, I feel less and less enthusiastic about the film remake... Armie Hammer is a cutie, but Illya should be rather tiny... And the half a year of waiting for the film. Damn :|



*smiles* Well so it goes in movie casting. I’m more amused that the Brit is playing NS and the American IK this time.

Wait.  Hold the phone.  Seb as Illya?

Damn it now I WANT.

He would be perfect.

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Yeah, but like you said, Bobby wouldn’t have appreciated it.

But I would have, and Bobby could do it for that reason.

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Why couldn't they show Josh? Or Sean? Or the hundreds of handsome men in the show's cast?

Because someone in the advertising department has a thing for Colin.

Josh, Bobby, Sean, Bobby, Raphael, Bobby…