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She is a Wiccan, a feminist, a dog lover, an Anglophile. A few other favorite things include: Once Upon a Time, Anyelle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (Classic and New) Jossverse, Hustle, Disney, Jane Austen, Aaron Sorkin, and too many shows to name.


Emilie de Ravin waving at fans (x)

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I completely disagree. Hook is beautifully written with a back story and good character development. He’s funny and brave. And he genuinely loves Emma and even little Henry.

People who don’t like Hook don’t dislike him because of him. They dislike him because the writers killed off Bae. And that’s sad. Bae dying sucked. A LOT. But to hate Hook for it is just immature.

Hook has had zero to no character development.  He went from locking Snow and Emma in an enchanted jail cell to rot, physically assaulting Belle, to suddenly being “a good guy” for absolutely no reason aside from an inexplicable feeling for Emma.  Which also had no lead-up.

He hasn’t known Emma long enough to really love her and considering he’s spent most of his life on a revenge quest for his former love—sorry, not buying that he’s suddenly “in love with Emma” within what, a week of knowing her?  Bullshit.  That’s rushed writing.  That’s bad writing.  And I guaranfuckingtee you, if he were played by an old, unattractive guy, Hook would not be thrust into a hastily rushed relationship with Emma nor would he be on a badly-written redemption arc.

People dislike Hook because he’s a shabbily written character, has had no resolution towards the terrible things he’s done, but is suddenly being thrust in the center light purely because he’s physically attractive and snarky and a shallow audience likes that.  .  

Not to mention that if the theory is that people hate Hook because Bae was killed off to allow for the romance, then it logically follows that people didn’t hate Hook when Bae was alive.  And that’s not true.

Hook shot Belle in the back after trying to kill her three times.  And even when confronted with that when he’s ‘had development’ he can’t apologize and tries to wave it off.  He was happy to torture Archie.  He left Emma and co to starve to death while taking a serial killer to the town where Emma’s sone lived.

I hate Hook because he’s a sociopath and serial killer who has no qualms hurting people if it serves his purpose or they’re simply not useful to him.  I hate Hook because he uses rape as a threat and a joke.

Telling people they’re immature for hating a murderer and possible rapist is bullshit.

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OUAT/Leverage crossover (Emma/Eliot)

Emma always wanted a family.  The closest she ever got was a year with the Spencer’s.  She didn’t trust easily, but Eliot was always there for her.

Until he enlisted in the Army.

After a year Emma was back in the system, and didn’t think she’d see Eliot again.  She was wrong; he was waiting when she got out of prison and gave her a place to stay, teaching her skills that would help her in her new career of bonds person.

Keep in touch wasn’t easy, but they managed the occasional skype or e-mail.  Until Storybrooke.  When enough time passes Eliot decides it’s time to track down his friend.

He’s in for a few surprises.

Reblgging because ddagent is into Leverage now.

Fic: Best Served Cold (2/?)


Summary: First Wives’ Club AU. Reunited by the suicide of one of their friends, divorcées Belle Chevalier (née French), Emma Jones (née Swan) and Mary Margaret Nolan (née Blanchard) decide that they are not going to take the  way life has treated them lying down, and set out to make their former husbands pay. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold, with a side of Granny’s coleslaw… Eventual Rumbelle, Gremma, and Snowing, and some rather unusual side pairs.


Note: In which there is pre-rumbelle, Bae, and Mulan…

Chapter One

“Drat drat drat.” Belle’s inner monologue was slightly more colourful as she raced around the flat, trying to gather together the contents of her handbag at the same time as putting on her mascara and nearly stubbing her toe on one of the many piles of books that crowded her bedroom. The advantages to having a husband who worked in publishing were numerous – namely new, unreleased books just begging to be read. The disadvantages were no less weighty – the main one being a lack of space in which to put said books. The other major drawback to owning so many books was a tendency on Belle’s part to get carried away with them late into the night and sleep through her alarm next morning.

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OMG, Mulan and GOld as Belle’s neighbors makes me happy.

And then I was almost crying by the end.

One of these days I should watch FWC.

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If Simmons’s eyes hadn’t killed me, May’s reaction would’ve done it.

She knows exactly what Simmons is talking about.

And she looks right at Coulson.

I hate this stupid show and the feels it gives me.

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Oh! I finally figured out a plot for an AroAce!Archie fic!

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person who reposted my picture just like.. backhanded accused me of the picture not being mine??


"i’m starting to wonder if that photo is really even yours."
lmao well it most certainly isn’t yours, bruh. 

Where are they?

Let me at them.

Fuck that shit.  

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I’m just wondering…. on the top of your head, what is the most evil rumbelle prompt I’ve ever written?

I just want to see if I could top it…

"I just want to see if I could top it…"

the sign of a true rumbeller 

I feel like I have so many soul mates in this fandom.

Hmmm… I wonder what my most evil Rumbelle prompt has been?