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She is a Wiccan, a feminist, a dog lover, an Anglophile. A few other favorite things include: Once Upon a Time, Anyelle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (Classic and New) Jossverse, Hustle, Disney, Jane Austen, Aaron Sorkin, and too many shows to name.
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Wait how old you are? If it's not personal, you seem to be in your late teens-early 20's, I'm leaning towards early 20's though.

I’m used to looking that young, but do I come across as that young too?

I turned 36 last month.

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Ming and Clark, Captain and Co-Captain of the Philinda ship: [x]

I love when the cast ships it.

They are so adorable


ouat meme;

[5/10] characters  rumplestiltskin

❋ ouat meme

 [5/10] characters: Graham/The Huntsman

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Young Princess Emma was surprised to discover a young boy hiding in the stables one winter, but the boy who lived with wolves was to become her closest friend.

Emma was persistent throughout the years, letting the nameless boy know he wasn’t alone in the world. She in turn was the first human he ever warmed to, and he protected her fiercely.

It wasn’t until her parents begun to push her to meet suitors that the two understood what they meant to one another.

But a mother knows, and Queen Snow wouldn’t let her daughter have any less than her true love.

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I’m so tired of all the Hook/CS in the Gremma tag.

I second that!

I think that these CSers who are always invading non related tags believe that they own all the tags or something.

It wouldn’t surprise me that they did. Think that, I mean.

Or maybe they think that if their post includes Gremma is a positive light it is OK to tag even if it also includes another ship.

It doesn’t sound like it is CS who think they own the tags.

Come on, we are better than this, we don’t have to recoil in horror at the mention of another ship in our tag, the SQ BAs have that one down already and we shouldn’t be taking our cues from them.

I totally get what you’re saying. The main complaint for this one really makes no sense, since even though it played fast and loose with CS canon, it still recognized and didn’t demean gremma.

However, there are many shippers that believe that there is no one in the Gremma tag and use it to say that Graham was only a stepping stone, that he was only a tool to get to CS. So many posts and edits come through with that message. That’s why I cringed when I first saw that ask, how I assumed the answer would be framed since I’ve seen it so many, many times. 

It’s also makes me sigh a little when the related tags section is CS, and not either character or edits or something. With so little in the tag, I understand being protective of it, especially if CS is your nOTP (it’s only a nope-TP for me). 

My main point is that I get the irritation, and I think this particular post was in the right, especially since they were inviting debate. But after so long of it, people get irritable. I think it was just a wrong place, wrong time kind of situation. 

The thing is, even most of those tend to be fairly Gremma positive, by people who think that Gremma was an important relationship in her arc even if they don’t believe it was true love, and while I might prefer they not be tagged, I also don’t think we have the right to go ‘not in our tag’ on them. And I don’t believe they are malicious or because CS think they own the tags, which is what I took exception to.

At worst it is a tagging misjudgement. It is not people ‘invading’ unrelated tags, particularly as I have not seen anyone tagging not related stuff Gremma, it has all been Gremma related, and whether or not it is related enough to tag is subjective. 

Given the amount of outright deliberate hate that the larger ships get tagged in their tag on a regular basis, hating on CSers because a multiship post isn’t ‘Gremma enough’ for our liking seems rather petty.

"I also don’t think we have the right to go ‘not in our tag’ on them."

This is a post I made in my journal about being tired of it.  I didn’t tell anyone that they couldn’t post in the Gremma tag so I don’t know why this is even becoming a thing.  I made a post to vent because you can’t go more than about 8 to 10 posts in the Gremma tag without there being Hook/CS things.

I get to vent.  i get to hate CS as long as I don’t tag it.  I keep it to my own tumblr or the anti tags.

CS gets the entire fricking show.  Graham’s dead and I have to deal with CS on the show (if I can keep watching) and it’s invading the gremma tag too.  We get so little anyway, it’s hard when there’s posts about Emma needing to move on, or comparing Graham and Hook (which I think I BS.  I know you feel different but it upsets me.)

But thanks for calling me petty and judging me on a post I made sure not to put in the tags.

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I don't know about you, but there is something about Disney's Frollo interpretation that makes me uncomfortable to my very core. Like he physically repulses me and makes me squeamish. I can't watch him without cringing. I hope that was the impression they wanted to give out because that's what I get.


I think that’s very much what they wanted as the impression of Frollo.  This is a man who twisted a child’s self image into one of self disgust (or at least tried) and was upset he couldn’t kill an infant.  He claimed false holiness and yet told a woman her choices were to sleep with him (basically) or burn in a fire.

I think he’s one of the worst Disney villains.

Best line ever