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She is a Wiccan, a feminist, a dog lover, an Anglophile. A few other favorite things include: Once Upon a Time, Anyelle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (Classic and New) Jossverse, Hustle, Disney, Jane Austen, Aaron Sorkin, and too many shows to name.
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Doctor Who AU - Time baby

"I brought it just like I promised.  that will teach you to doubt me, Amelia Pond." The Doctor looked triumphant as he came towards them, which was odd since he left only a minute ago from the other direction.

"Brought what?" Amy asked, not rolling her eyes but it was close.

"The picture."

"What picture?"

"The picture of the… Oh.  This is wrong.  Never mind me, I’m talking nonsense.  You can ignore everything I just said."  He tried to back away but Amy was too quick, snatching the poloroid out of his hand.

"I always ignore you when you ramble, don’t you…" Amy stopped talking, her eyes flicking up at the Doctor then back down at the picture.

"What is it?"  Rory tried to look but the Doctor was between him and Amy, blocking the view.  When his wife didn’t answer she asked again.  "Amy?  What is it?"

"This is you and River."  She addressed the Doctor, ignoring Rory for the moment.

"Yes it is.  Very observant of you to see that Amy.  I’ll take that now."  Amy’s fingers, however, were clamped hard and the picture didn’t budge.

"She’s holding a kid, Doctor.  This is you and her and a little girl."

"A girl?"  Rory pushed the Doctor out of the way enough to see the picture.  His voice was barely a whisper when he spoke.  "That’s a little girl."

The Doctor reached up to pull his hat over his face, but he’d left his Stetson in the TARDIS.  ”Surprise?”

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