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Child of the Moon

Obviously this is referring to Ruby and werewolves.  Or is it?  That’s certainly one meaning, but what if the ‘Child’ in question is a literal child?  What if it’s Henry?

I’m really intrigued by the fact that the bottle Gold put the potion in, the one that Henry is going to be wearing, has a moon symbol on it.  Oddly enough almost exactly the same as the moon that Red put on the grave for her mother. Crescent moon, dot in the middle.  A star.  Or a sun (same difference?)  Almost like the moon as trapped the sun.  Henry puts out the fire.  Fire, red, burning, like a sun.  Henry, with the power of the moon (cool, pale light.)


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    Pure genius. Genius, I tell you.
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    Rather similar to the classification of this bottle, isn’t it? Rumpelstiltskin has studied this if the bottle and the...
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    Now there’s an interesting concept. I was thinking that maybe the other wolves buried mama!Red, and they were visiting...