Once upon a time there was a woman. Most know her as Lost, or Nel, or Nellie. She writes fic. She reads. She's in love with Robert Carlyle. She ships a lot of things. She's a foodie, and works in a kitchen store. Chocolate is as necessary as air. Jane Eyre is her favorite book.
She is a Wiccan, a feminist, a dog lover, an Anglophile. A few other favorite things include: Once Upon a Time, Anyelle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who (Classic and New) Jossverse, Hustle, Disney, Jane Austen, Aaron Sorkin, and too many shows to name.
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I talk about Bobby so much, I don’t pay homage to my other boy/girlfriends enough.  This is Terry.  Terry is going to be a mastermind criminal maybe Moriarty on Elementary.  What does this mean?  Lost has a month to catch up on the show before the episode airs.  My vague curiosity about the show has transformed into ‘must watch for my baby.’