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You, anon.  You just did the nearly impossible.  You made me interested in the Blue Fairy.  You made me want to write the Blue Fairy.  You made me feel sorry for her.  I don’t know that I’d go so far as saying I like her, but you made me hate her less.

One of my issues with Blue (besides the manipulations, lies, and holier than though attitude) is the fact that she’s so two dimensional.  She’s a cardboard character.  We’re seen no true emotions from her.  She pops in, fucks with peoples lives, and then leaves again.

She’s a plot device, not a person.

This headcanon fixes/explains so much.  It doesn’t make her separating Dreamy and Nova right, but it makes it understandable, and less cruel (she knows that Nova won’t age and Dreamy will, and that at some point Dreamy will die unless Nova makes the same horrible mistake Blue did.

And if the two of you run away together, it will not end well.

If she’s speaking from experience, it makes things no less painful, but more understandable.

It also makes this line hurt:

Blue Fairy: Oh. I can’t make him the man he was before, but I can send him someplace where he won’t be able to use his powers.

if the Dark One is all that remain of the man she loved (perhaps, even, her True Love?) then this is not just about Rum, but about that original DO as well.  And maybe her quest to send Rum to another world is more merciful than it seems; to give Bae what she never had, and to, in a way, to help let her love rest in peace.  Because in a new world, rather than this one, the Dark One would die when Rum did, and not continue one for hundreds and maybe thousands of years.

His powers do not belong here. You must go where you can escape this wretched curse.

I have heard, and adopted, the head canon that Blue somehow created the Dark One, and that’s why she knows he doesn’t belong.  But this adds so much more.  And it adds layers of angst and love and hope and pain.

Thank you, anon.  Thank you soooo much.

Headcanon accepted.

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    I didn’t think there could be any back story that could make me sympathize with Blue, that could in any way explain all...
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